Thursday, May 29, 2008

Faith, Tatoos & Technology

Special from the Catholic Media Convention 2008 in Toronto

Considering that the majority of those involved in producing Catholic media are more likely concerned with receding hairlines and facelifts than body piercings and Facebook - is it any wonder that their publications are largely ignored by today's youth?

According to one bright, articulate 17 year-old presenter at the Catholic Media Convention being held in Toronto this week, the best way for Catholic media organizations to connect with youth is to speak to them about issues and technologies that directly relate to them, to walk around in their shoes for awhile.

Youth Speak News is an exciting and relatively new feature (2003) of the Catholic Register national weekly that gives youth a chance to explore their own faith in light of contemporary issues. Youth are invited to share their views by responding to weekly opinion columns and articles or, if so inclined, to apply to be one of its young writers.

Salt & Light TV, which literally took root and grew out of the Canadian media coverage of World Youth Day in Toronto in 2002 - is another venue for youth to express and explore their Catholic faith. S & L, currently a subscriber-based digital cable channel, will soon be included as part of the Rogers VIP cable television package. S & L has produced engaging, high quality, meaningful programming on challenging issues of faith.

S & L encourages Catholics to get involved in their organization through: volunteer job opportunities, contests, feedback and donations.

The Catholic Register's Youth Speak News and Salt & Light's invitation to youth to learn more about and explore their faith, according to one of the teenage workshop presenters, would also give youth a break from the 'pop culture slums' they sometimes get caught up in.

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