Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Promised Land

Before we even slipped the surly bonds of earth for the heavens above - I knew in my heart of hearts that we would be safe.

With a hot air balloon pilot by the name of Moses guiding us - how could we fail?

Oh sure, we faced temptations in the psychological wilderness: queries from jittery passengers like, what improvements have been made in the industry since the recent balloon fire tragedy? Can you actually steer this thing? Or, how quickly could you land this thing if you had to?

The pre-launch preparations took about 30 minutes - a pretty much 'hurry up and wait' event as giant fans filled the massive balloon with air. Then within a span of about 30 seconds 8 of us scrambled into the wicker style basket that would be our home for the next hour or so.

After the initial heart-pounding 'shock and awe' of launch and jolting blasts of hot air from the propane burners - we soon settled into the indescribable beauty, exhilaration and tranquility of flight.

Time stood still as we absorbed and marveled at the magnificent serenity of the moment and the lush landscape below. Moses had delivered to us, sweeping vistas of Waterloo Region . . . the 'promised land'.

Our journey soon came to a fitting ecumenical end as we landed safely in the barren corn field of a welcoming Mennonite family.

A sweet toast of Champagne to our traveling companions, a safe journey and memories for a lifetime.

Thanks for the great Christmas gift kids!

Photo: M. Redfearn

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Anonymous said...

Loved the pics, still would not go up in that thing.